Snider Fleet Solutions

Snider Tire, which began in 1976 as a tire company, came to Lyerly seeking the agency’s expertise in brand development. The company – which has grown into one of the largest commercial tire dealers and retreaders in the nation and is a recognized industry leader in providing innovative outsourcing alternatives for one-truck fleets to large, multi-location trucking fleets – felt it was time to revitalize their overall brand as well as their MechanEx and TRACS brands.

Lyerly began their proprietary BrandSavvy process by conducting a brand audit with key stakeholders to find out the attitudes and perceptions of the current brands. In order to effectively engage with their target audiences, Lyerly recommended a new company name and tagline, a new logo and color palette, and an updating of the company’s sub-brands. Originally known as Snider Tire with a tagline of “Reinventing the Wheel,” after the brand audit, Lyerly recommended the name “Snider Fleet Solutions” and the tagline “Going The Distance” to better represent their comprehensive services and company culture. Lyerly took the company’s original burgundy logo and introduced a refreshed and vibrant red and black color scheme along with a new unique tire logo reflecting the many facets of their business. Snider Fleet Solutions also needed their sub-brands to match their new look, so Lyerly created a tagline “Another Snider Fleet Solution” for MechanEx and TRACS and introduced a new color palette for the TRACS logo to better blend with the overall branding solution.