Proprietary Processes

Savvy solutions you won’t find anywhere else.

When all is said and done, you expect great results: Higher awareness, increased market share, stronger brand loyalty. We’re savvy enough to know these results don’t just “happen” from a sudden flash of creative inspiration; they require strategic discipline and research-driven processes that build a solid platform for creative concepts that deliver results.

After years of working in this industry, our approach to generating great results was so successful that we decided to create three proprietary processes with proven performance:


Strategic Branding Process

Your brand is the sum total of everything your customers know and feel about your product or service. Much more than just a logo, font and color palette, it encompasses the full range of emotional and intellectual connections between your customers and you. Our BrandSavvy process is like a sophisticated, on-board navigation system for your brand. Using it as guidance, you can ensure that your brand message is clearly understood, relevant to your audience and optimally positioned within your competitive, ever-changing marketplace.


Strategic Planning Process

How do you know what your customers really want? What’s the best way to differentiate your product? How can you deal with the challenges and obstacles in the commercial environment? How can you measure performance, make adjustments and stay on track while maintaining your brand message? These are some of the myriad questions we address in our MarketSavvy process. You’ll be impressed with how our approach clarifies the issues and uncovers insights to add focus and purpose to your marketing efforts.


Strategic Marketing Process

Fact: In 4 out of 10 married households, women out-earn their spouses. Fact: Women make approximately 85% of all consumer purchasing decisions. Fact: Over the next decade, women will control two-thirds of consumer wealth in the United States. Given these facts, you could say it’s women who own brands. So it’s no wonder a growing number of savvy marketers are paying more attention to women as a lucrative, influential target audience. Now here’s one more fact to consider: Lyerly Agency is a women-owned business that’s staffed mostly by women. While we know how to reach and sell to all target audiences, we have a special expertise in marketing to women. And we’ve created a proprietary process called WomenSavvy to help you connect with this market.