We’ve got the tools you need to get the job done.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow said, “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” For typical advertising agencies, that nail is an ad. For PR firms, it’s public relations. That’s what they do, so that’s what they recommend.

But Lyerly is different. We have a whole toolbox full of communication services. With our comprehensive array of services, we propose strategies and media vehicles that are tailored to your situation. If you need to beef up your social media, we’re on it. If you need a strong point-of-sale program, we deliver. If you need employee communications, crisis PR, fundraising communications or innovative online marketing strategies, we can put all of these and more to work for you.

We’re particularly skilled at combining all of your communication initiatives into one seamless, integrated program. The result: Total brand synergy. That’s the most powerful marketing tool of all.


BrandSavvy Strategic Branding Process

Brand Development

Brand Evolution

Brand Messaging

Brand Standards and Guidelines

Branded Basics


MarketSavvy Strategic Planning Process

WomenSavvy Strategic Marketing Process

Marketing and Communications Plans

Marketing Research

Non-Profit Marketing

Fundraising Strategies and Communications

Direct marketing

Collateral Materials

Trade Shows

Public Relations

Media Relations

Strategic PR Plans

Crisis Communications

Stakeholder Outreach and Communications

Community Relations

Public Involvement

Communications Audit

Event Planning

Executive Media Coaching

Speaker Training

Employee Communications

Corporate/Investor Communications


Awareness Campaigns

Product Launch Campaigns

Creative Execution:

  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Broadcast
  • Online
  • Mobile

Media Planning

Media Negotiating and Buying

Web & Social Media

Web Design

Behavioral Targeting

Online Marketing

Online Advertising


Social Media Engagement Plans

Blogger Relations