Downtown Belmont Business Fencing Project Taps Skills Of Two Clients

(L to R) Lyerly Agency President and CEO Elaine Lyerly, R&R Powder Coating President Ray Jenkins, COO and Executive Vice President Melia Lyerly

Lyerly Agency debuts new artistic fence behind Main Street firm

(6/21/16) BELMONT, N.C. –  When mulling the idea of a new property-line fence for Lyerly Agency’s Davis Street side in Belmont, owners Elaine Lyerly and Melia Lyerly wanted more than boring chain-link or stale wooden stakes – they wanted art. They needed the creativity outdoors to match the creativity stirring inside their brand marketing and public relations firm. So they turned to the experts – their own clients.

At Gastonia’s RWM, casters and other wheel applications are routinely cut, using a plasma cutting process, from large sheets of steel at the manufacturing facility. Utilizing these steel sheet “skeletons” would provide the unique design and layout for a large fence behind the 126 N. Main Street agency.

For vibrant color, the Lyerly business partners turned to R&R Powder Coating. This Dallas business offers superior powder coating solutions to the industrial and consumer market. With a specific color palette, R&R’s team brightened the metal fencing to reds, greens, yellows, oranges and blues in their pristine finish made to last outdoors.

Said Melia Lyerly, “The moment we saw the scrap sheets during a tour at RWM, the creative concept for our fencing was born. And through our work with R&R, we knew they could help us bring this project to life. Both of these ingenious, resourceful and considerably accommodating clients allowed us to have more than a property divider; it’s an artistic and reflective piece of Lyerly Agency.”